Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Need to Feed

I'm hungry. However, I'm completely unmotivated to cook anything right now and nothing sounds good; not even the Greasefest bag of fries served in that fancy brown paper bag from the diabolical Five Guys joint conveniently located only five short minutes from my pad. The leftover mac & cheese that my kid just warmed up in the microwave smells like stank-ass feet and my faithful standby - Simply Jif peanut butter on white bread - is a half-eaten crusty disappointment precariously perched and ready to jump to its death from the container of chicken and rice soup I took out of the freezer a few hours ago. Those red-headed step-child boxed strawberry cupcakes sitting on top of the stove (disclaimer: my "Little" wanted to make them and I wasn't smart enough to send them all home with her) are begging to be left behind at the gas station and the homemade cream cheese icing is nothing more than putting lip stick on a pig. Meh.

Recipes spread out in front of me, glass of my weekend-treat-sweet-tea by my side, tunes on rotate on my CD player (yes, I am almost 40 and no, I do not own an iPod. I have a Zune but it doesn't hold enough and I need new stereo equipment or a docking station to make it work...and BTW, "Something" Beatles cover by Musiq Soulchild is lovely), my broke-down kitty chilling on the kitchen banquette (best seat in the house and every one should have one, picture to follow one day) with me...I've decided to start a blog. A week ago, I had a mini-epiphany that I should cross over to the sinister side of food service once more and start a catering business. I want to put yummy things in your belly and clean up after you. This is my lot in life and I humbly accept it with gratitude and a few cartwheels.

For years now, I've had friends tell me I should be a caterer and I've talked about going into the business with some old 505 friends before my move to the 303. I'm not a chef and have no intention of becoming one. I'm a decent cook and can be a better one and have much to learn; I know good food and I know not so good food. I'm happiest in the kitchen and have peed in the corners to claim Turkey Day from anyone in my circle - I have minor control issues when it comes to food and am very critical about my own cooking (and yours too but I won't judge you out loud). I'm organized, understand the business, and I know people, what they like, and what works. My world kinda sorta revolves around food, so Captain Obvious has declared that this is the next step on my path toward true happiness. For the first time since discovering my interest and talent for Kitchen & Bath design, going to school, and starting my own design business (shameless plug:, I feel like the veil has been lifted and I get to make out with Mr. Perfect before my long-awaited deflowering.

Now, I am not currently working in the design field since my move from the 505 in June 2009 and the annihilating economic down-turn. Instead, a job fell in my lap after my move to Denver; I was eagerly solicited by a previous boss to return to work for an outdoor advertising company I worked for in NM years ago. Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, especially since so many people were out of work, I accepted with the intention of leaving within two years. It's been one year thus far and I am ready to scratch my eyes out! This isolating, dead-end, soul-sucking desk job in a non-descriptive porn-set office with white walls and no window does not bode well for this passionate little cracker. The creative beast demands her tasty little morsels.

As a follower of this blog, you will be subjected but not limited to: occasional or frequent word vomit about food, cooking, baking, and catering; etiquette; and the successes and failures of my new venture while being mildly to intensely entertained with my wishfully wry and somewhat perverse sense of humor. You will be required to indulge my penchant for run-on sentences and improper use of punctuation. I welcome recipe requests or exchanges and sharing humorous stories about your experiences with the food industry. Oh, and I found something to eat - my single serve Häagen-Dazs chocolate ice cream. Now I want those fries.


  1. Cute Liz ... Follow me and I'll follow you.

    I'm 40 and don't own an iPod either. Like, why should I?

  2. I think you've found your zone Eli...Hey you know what goes well with presenting menus and your pitch to clients??? An iPad :)

  3. @ t; I know that time will come soon...I'm delaying it as long as I possibly can! You'll have to school me on all the fancy apps because I don't read directions, only recipes.